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We also groom small animals such as: Ferrets, hedgehodgs, guinea piga, birds etc. Usually just the nails. But for birds we do wings and beaks in addition to nails!

Welcome to Cat Diggity Dog! Where we offer the FINEST hairstyles for your Furry Friends with Paws & Claws.

Hydrosurge BathPro™ 5.1 system

The revolutionary BathPro 5.1 makes bathing faster and easier than ever before, while providing pets with an invigorating massage that keeps them calm and relaxed throughout the bath. The HydroSurge will completely transform the bathing process. Exclusive InjectAir technology thoroughly penetrates the coat and brings oxygen to the skin, leaving the animal cleaner and healthier than ever. Combing action spray penetrates the coat.

InjectAir Technology

Penetrates the coat and brings oxygen to the skin. Your pets will be cleaner and healthier.

Shampoo Selections

HydroSurge has a variety of amazing shampoos. These include 'Apple Oatmeal', 'Hypo-Allergenic Aloe', Flea & Tick Shampoo, White/Bright Shampoo, Dermasilk Conditioner, Tangerine Clean Shampoo Gal, Shed Control Shampoo, Odor Removing Shampoo, and more!

Dog Grooming

We have a wide range of services including Grooming, DeShedding, Baths, and the ‘Pampered Pooch’ to keep your dog looking its best.

Why take YOUR dog to Cat Diggity Dog?

  • Quality Groomers, Free Consultation

  • Hydrosurge BathPro™ 5.1 system

  • Pet Massage for an additional fee

  • Book Online or Call Us.

  • Enroll in “Auto-Scheduling” for future appointments.

  • Credit Card Processing is secured by CardConnects Bolt Encryption.

  • Ask to save card information in the cloud, encrypted by Bolt, for fast and easy future checkouts.

  • Customizable Service. Example: Bath & Sanitary only, Bath & Face

  • Pampered Pooch Upgrade. Hair feathers, premium bandana of your choice, cologne of your choice, and a ‘Blueberry Facial.’


Our grooming service includes it all: a fabulous haircut, shampoo & blow dry, 15-minute brushing, haircut & light de-matting, nail trim, ear cleaning, scissoring feet & pad shaving, sanitary trim, and anal gland cleaning.


FURminator® DeShedding can reduce shedding up to 90%. It keeps the dog’s fur and skin clean, healthy and vital. It can also help avoid the formation of mats and tangles of shed hair under the topcoat.

Cat Grooming

Not only is it hard to find a cat groomer but it can be very expensive if done at the vet. Our prices are much more affordable and we do not use anesthesia or drugs. We only groom so long as the cat allows us to do so. Cats that are indoor, that have been groomed before, and are calm during grooming have the best chances of being groomed. Sometimes a follow up appointment may be needed if your cat has “had enough”. We don’t force the cat because we don’t want to change the disposition of the cat. On that note… We love grooming cats!

Lion Cut

The Lion Cut is a popular style for long haired cats that need a shave down but don't want the cat to look very skinny. It maintains the face, feet, and tail hair which makes it look like a lion. Rwar Rwar Kitty Lion to the rescue!

Dry Bath

Although cats groom themselves people do bring in their cats for baths. Some cats do fine in the water, however others don't. But don't worry because we can do a dry bath and your cat will love it!